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Inspiring designs for a fulfilled and balanced life.

Our philosophy is to deliver creative products to inspire personal and global change for more balanced, sustainable and fulfilling lives.

All change begins within.

Our story began in 2008 with the worldwide financial crisis. Often, negative circumstances in life are an opportunity for positive change.For us, this change included a move to a new country and the beginning of a life centered on art and creativity.

GRADO is the story of Ignacio, the story
of someone who felt the need to change, and pursued it.

Change ripens with perseverance, focus, commitment and hard work.

Starting from scratch demands effort, a willingness to abandon the goals you may have reached before, and a strong sense of belief in your mission and yourself.

For Ignacio, managing an Art Studio in Vietnam was a gift that allowed him to work in a creative environment, experiment with new methods and modes of being and doing, and re-connected him to the flow of artistic practice.

By using art as a mindfulness practice …

Artistic practice is not without challenge. Especially as we often fail to live up to our own expectations. Contrary to popular belief, talent alone is not the solution. We must combine our gifts with perseverance and patience. By doing so, we develop the virtues inherent in mindful awareness.

GRADO was born.

In 2018 Ignacio was asked to create a set of cards with a group of yoga instructors. He found illustrating the cards was a very rewarding process.

After that first set, Ignacio decided to share his own experience through inspirational texts and illustrations, creating transformational tools which include motivational decks, greeting cards and planners.


Ignacio de Grado.

With a background in engineering, Ignacio took on painting in his late 30s. Since then, he has developed a career as an artist and art studio owner. Today, he is fully dedicated to the design and development of GRADO products.

Ignacio writes, designs, and illustrates most of our products, and sometimes collaborates with other mindfulness writers for special projects. Ignacio’s creations are born out of creativity, patience and care. Cards are hand painted with different media, and inspirational messages handwritten. Ignacio’s messages of mindfulness are based on his own experience as an artist, instructor, engineer, and of course, as a fellow human.

Nhu Grado

Nhu is an experienced Yoga teacher with a mindfulness approach through her practice of meditation and ayurveda. Nhu collaborates with Ignacio during the product creation process, adding content inspired by her practice as a Yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner.

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